Tuesday night 7:00 pm This class focuses on foundations of taijutsu. We work on basic ukemi and taihenjutsu. We also train basic striking, kicking, and grappling skills through focus on Sanshin No Kata, Kihon Happo and Kamae.

Thursday night 7:00 pm This training explores more sophisticated taijutsu. This is done by developing skills based on the yearly theme chosen by Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan and through weapons training.

Sunday night 7:00 pm Focused training with one of the many Ninja weapons. Currently 六尺棒 Rokushakubō.


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Santa Monica, CA 90405

What People are Saying


“I feel that training now is more important than ever. for me there is no one I’d want to learn this art from other than you and the people in our group.”


“I learned a lot about improvements I need to make and the benefits of persevering when times seem bleak!”


“Michael, Thank you so much for everything you have done. I feel very honored to not only belong to such a great martial art, but a great lineage within the art. There are many impostors out there and I am so glad i found a group of people that genuinely care about budo.”


“Thanks Michael. You are an amazing teacher! , and all you are awesome.. I feel very honored .. and I look forward to training with you gentlemen for a long time.”

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